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The data we collect and how it is used

We may collect data through the following methods:

Information provided by you – When you register to use the website, you are asked to provide personal information. We may collect such information submitted under your account to EVERYONE CO., LTD.’s other services, or from external parties, to improve your experience and the quality of our service. Your Internet Service Provider has access to your account information including your email address. Please check the details in your Internet Service Provider privacy policy.

Cookies – When you visit the website, at least one cookie is sent to your computer or device. We use cookies to improve the quality of our service, store the user’s settings, and optimise search results and ad selection, as well as to remember the user’s preferences including their search queries. Cookies are also used to help advertisers maximise their ad selection in order to make the ads shown on EVERYONE CO., LTD.’s websites more relevant to the individual users.

Stored data – When you use EVERYONE CO., LTD.’s services through a web browser, application or other programmes, our servers automatically store some data, which may include your web requests, your exchange with the service, your IP address, your web browser information including language selection, the date and time of your web request, and one or more cookies that are able to identify your browser or account.

The user’s communication data – When you send an email or other communications to EVERYONE CO., LTD., we may store the data to process your request, answer your query, and improve our services.

Third-party applications – EVERYONE CO., LTD. may recommend third-party applications such as gadgets or extensions through our services. The data collected by EVERYONE CO., LTD. when you use the third-party application is covered by this privacy policy. The data collected by the third-party application service providers is covered by their privacy policy.

Other websites – This privacy policy only applies to services provided by EVERYONE CO., LTD.. We do not exercise control over search results, websites that feature programmes, products, or services of EVERYONE CO., LTD.s, or links under our services. Other websites may send their own cookies and other files to your computer, collect data or request your personal information.

In addition to the above, we may use the collected data for the following purposes:

Preparing, maintaining, protecting, and improving our services, as well as protecting the rights and assets of EVERYONE CO., LTD. or our users. If we wish to use your information for other purposes, we will seek your permission before using such information.

Information sharing

EVERYONE CO., LTD. will share your personal information with other companies or individuals other than EVERYONE CO., LTD. only under the following circumstances:

We have obtained your permission. We must seek your permission for the use of sensitive information. We share such information to our subsidiaries, associated companies, other businesses, or trusted individuals to process personal information on our behalf. We appoint these entities to process such information on our recommendation and in line with this privacy policy, as well as other applicable information security policies. We truly believe that access to, using, protecting or disclosing such information is necessary for (a) compliance with applicable laws, regulations, legal processes or information requests by government authorities (b) service terms and conditions as well as investigations for violations of such terms and conditions, (c) verifying, protecting, or managing fraud, security or other technical issues, and (d) preventing violations of the rights, assets, or security of EVERYONE CO., LTD., its users, and the public, as specified by law. If EVERYONE CO., LTD. is involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of any kind of some or all assets, the Company will ensure that the personal information of such transactions is kept confidential. We will inform you prior to the transfer of such personal information to other privacy policies.

Information security

We implement an information security policy to protect unauthorised access to, and modification, disclosure and destruction of personal information. The information security policy also includes the performing of internal audits of our information collection, storing and management, as well as security measures including appropriate login and physical access policies, in order to prevent unauthorised access to personal information storage locations.

We restrict access to personal information to the appropriate employees, suppliers and representatives for whom such information is necessary in order to perform certain actions on our behalf. These individuals must strictly comply with our information security regulations and may be terminated or prosecuted by law if they violate these regulations.

Accessing and updating personal information

When you use EVERYONE CO., LTD.’s services, we truly and sincerely try to allow you to have an ability to access and amend your personal information if it is incorrect, or remove such information upon your request, if there are no legal requirements or for lawful business purposes to retain such information. In order to process a request, the Company first requires that users identify themselves and the information they are requesting to access, amend or remove. The Company may refuse to process repeated requests, unreasonable systematic requests, requests for technical operations that require unreasonable efforts, requests that violate the privacy of others, requests that are not possible to carry out (for example, requests for information stored in tape backup cartridges), or requests for unnecessary access. If the Company allows for personal information to be accessed or amended, no service fee will be charged, unless the processing of the request requires unreasonable effort. Due to certain data management processes, after personal information has been removed, a duplicate may remain on the Company's servers for a certain period of time before being removed, and may also remain on Company data backup systems. Please check with the help centres of such service providers for further information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Please be aware that this Privacy Policy may be subject to periodic changes. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. We will post any privacy policy changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice.

These privacy policies are effective as of 1 September 2019.

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