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Introducing a new way to see travel scam warnings while wandering, wherever you are. So you can travel scam-free without searching for a single review beforehand.

See scams around you now!

A glance that could save you a big fortune or even life!

Know the game of the scammers right before it happens, so you can avoid or deal with extra cautions.

Warnings feed

Only scam stories in your area will be shown. No search. No map scrolling. Just open the app wherever you want to check out the scams.

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Write your stories

Share travel scam stories you experienced to warn other travelers. Please keep it short. Pin it exactly where it happened.

No worries, you will be anonymous to public.

Your stories are priceless

See how helpful each of your story to other travelers. The more you contribute, the better you help travelers wander the world scam-free.

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Warndering write review page

No wandering in app stores to use Warndering app

No downloading or installing required. Just open this page and follow the instructions below to access the app on your phone instantly.

Chrome: Go to then Add to Home screen

Safari: Go to iOS export icon then Add to Home Screen

And you can also use Warndering inside LINE

About Warndering

Warndering is a location based app that shows you travel scam warnings while wandering, wherever you are.

Founded in Bangkok, the most visited city in the world.